Your web pages in real English

Do you want an Internet presence in real English? I can help you.

For example, I can …

translate all or part of your existing or planned site edit and correct the English on one or more existing pages write English texts for your website on a one-off or regular basis create illustrations and […]

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Confessions of a translator

In preparing and writing the Swedish text on this site, I find myself doing exactly the opposite of what I preach!

Well, perhaps not exactly the opposite, but close. Swedish is not my mother tongue. My first language is English – but I recognise I need to use both English and Swedish to clearly describe […]

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Swedish to English translation service

På svenska

You have a finished text in Swedish that you want put into real English. Give it to me and I’ll translate it for you.

Naturally, you will want the English text to accurately reflect the tone as well as the sense of your Swedish original, so we may have to […]

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På svenska —

Some examples of the services I can offer … all tailored to your needs.

Swedish-to-English translation Copywriting in English Copy editing and improvement of your English originals Your web pages in real English Advice and help for more effective business communication One-to-one language training In-service training for education (for teachers […]

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