Who you gonna call?

A recently stenciled sign seen around Hisingen in Gothenburg … and an inventive addition!

“Vem ringer du när det är polisen du är rädd för?”

“Who do you ring when it’s the police you’re scared of?”

The Zone

Entering the Zone

Alice entered the Zone with her mother …

Elsewhere in the Zone

… but later found herself walking with a headless zombie.


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Please do not cross the line

You can walk the line. You can toe the line. But don’t cross the line! (Please.)

A polite request in the Tate Modern, London’s South Bank.

Photo date: 16th March 2012

Raoul Wallenbergs Gåta

The mystery (gåta) of what happened to Raoul Wallenberg. An elegant alteration to a Gothenburg street (gata) sign.

Photo date: 15th June 2009