Under construction

This site is under construction!

22nd April Installed Jetpack from WordPress and activated share buttons.

21st April Improved the layout of the Front (Home) page. Working on new services/tjänster posts. Hope to publish tomorrow. Also working on Copyright policy and Privacy policy pages.

20th April Upgraded the About page and the Front page. Tried adding ‘Posts in page’ and ‘Inline posts’ (two WP plug-ins), but they didn’t do what I wanted. Deleted them again. Added new posts catagory “Sign language”. (Have dubbed this “Skyltspråk” in Swedish. May need to change that.)

17th April Published texts advertising my Swedish to English translation service in both English and Swedish. Linked them to the front page.

16th April Published my Swedish-language list of services (Tjänster). Re-edited the Eng-lang list to harmonise. Similarly re-edited the homepage.

14th April Improved my published (English-language) list of services while working on the Swedish version of the same list. Added a Contact form, replacing the e-mail address originally published. Installed Google Analytics tracking code.

13th April Worked in English and Swedish on a clarification text/advertisement for my Swedish to English Translation Service.

11th April I started using this first blog entry to keep this log of site construction events and installed a human-readable site map.

10th April Today I relaunched the site with a new theme (a version of Atahualpa), I established a Home page, moved the news stream to News and added some pictures. Clicking on the pictures won’t take you anywhere but to the pictures’ individual pages as yet, but new content is in the pipeline.

3rd February Today I am setting up an Internet site for my firm John Nixon English Language Services.