John Nixon
John Nixon
I have more than 30 years experience of many aspects of education and training. I have worked as:

  • a teacher,
  • a business language consultant,
  • a language trainer,
  • a trainer of teachers,
  • an educational administrator,
  • a researcher in the field of education and learning,
  • an author of academic papers
  • a writer of teaching material.

I have also worked as a translator of Swedish academic and technical texts to English.

I am also a copywriter, photographer, digital artist and illustrator, podcaster and voice artist.

Visit my professional profile on LinkedIn.

The News Quiz
I write The News Quiz for Mera Förlag. This is a weekly questionnaire on current events for English language learners in Sweden. Our audience is school and college students aged 13 to 19 and their teachers, but The News Quiz is also used by adult education classes and study circles.

Each Quiz includes 12 advanced level questions on current events (politics, economics, science, sports and culture). Every other week we also include a second, 10-question quiz in more basic English. I also write a Commentary to accompany the Advanced Quiz. The Commentary aims to provide teachers with material for supplementary questions as well as at least one relevant Internet link for each question to use or pass on to their students.

John Nixon English Language Services
I started my firm, John Nixon English Language Services (also known as JNELS) in 1991. It has gone through a number of cycles of activity since then. During the most recent few years I have principally used it to write teaching material while I have been working on my photography, an historical novel and other creative writing, some of which is showcased on my other Internet site at TheSupercargo.

In 2013 I aim to increase the volume of work I do through JNELS and make this website a more active part of the process.

Read about the services I offer here.

(På svensk? Här!)

Contact me here.


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