Who you gonna call?

A recently stenciled sign seen around Hisingen in Gothenburg … and an inventive addition!

“Vem ringer du när det är polisen du är rädd för?”

“Who do you ring when it’s the police you’re scared of?”

The Zone

Entering the Zone

Alice entered the Zone with her mother …

Elsewhere in the Zone

… but later found herself walking with a headless zombie.


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Lenten fever

Hay fever as a term is about 200 years old. As luck would have it, just after I published my previous entry, Hej Fever! I heard a snippet on the radio news referencing Dr John Bostock (that’s him over to the right), the man who first described and named hay fever in 1819.

Bostock […]

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Hej fever!

Birch flowers and leaves

Shut the doors and shut the windows! I know the sun’s shining and it’s perfect weather outside, but it’s birch pollen season too and the last five days the pollen count has been through the roof.

Hay fever never used to trouble me till I lived through a really serious birch […]

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