English copy editing service

You have written your text in English, but you want to be sure it is real English.

You want to make your readers interested in the product or service you have to sell or the ideas or opinions you are expressing.

You do not want your readers to laugh at your mistakes or to fail to understand your point.

No text is too long or too short! Send it to me and I will quickly check it and correct it for vocabulary, sense, spelling and grammar.

We may have to discuss some of the finer points, but I will work with you to produce a text that exactly conveys the sense you want.

(prices quoted are exclusive of tax – Swedish MOMS – at 25%)

For Swedish texts of 500 words or less I will charge a fixed price of SEK 1.50 /word (€ 0.17 /word)
Minimum price SEK 100 (€11)

For longer texts I will charge a price/hour after negotiation.
Minimum price SEK 750:- (€85)

Contact me!

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