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You have a finished text in Swedish that you want put into real English. Give it to me and I’ll translate it for you.

Naturally, you will want the English text to accurately reflect the tone as well as the sense of your Swedish original, so we may have to discuss some of the finer points. I will work with you to produce a text that exactly conveys your meaning.

See an example of my work
WebCoast logoI recently translated the general information pages for WebCoast.
You’ll find my translation here.
The original Swedish text is here (click on “Om Webcoast”).

(prices quoted are exclusive of value added taxt – Swedish moms – at 25%)

For Swedish texts of 500 words or less I charge a fixed price of SEK 1.20 /word (€ 0.14 /word)
Minimum price SEK 100 (€ 11)

For longer texts I charge a price/hour after negotiation.
Minimum price SEK 600 (€ 68)

NB! / OBS!Unfortunately I cannot undertake to translate legal or medical texts.
Nor can I help to translate texts from English to Swedish.

Please contact me before you send me texts to work with.

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