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JNELS graffitiHello New Readers!

Actually I don’t imagine there are many of you out there just yet, so this is more for my benefit than anyone else’s. Still, there may be a few curious souls who will open this blog entry and, perhaps, have already decided to subscribe to this site’s RSS feed. (You’ll find the Subscribe buttons up in the top right-hand corner.)

To you I say: Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

This site is under construction, as you can see I think. For the next few weeks most of the News here is likely to be about the services I’m offering through my firm. (John Nixon English Language Services or JNELS for short … in case you were in any doubt.) Most of these items will be composed in two languages – English and Swedish. Though they’ll start out life as blog entries, they will gradually metamorphose into static pages and find a place in the black-bar menu at the head of the page.

My plan, once I’ve defined and described my services, is to give this “News” blog over to articles, illustrations and podcasts. The focus of the blog will shift to:

  • exploring the English language,
  • investigating the teaching and learning of English,
  • considering the ways in which English, Swedish and other languages impact on working life,
  • scrutinising the use of English in Sweden (and elsewhere in Scandinavia), and
  • examining the tender spots where English and Swedish rub against one another.
  • These are subjects that interest me. I hope they will also interest you and other subscribers and casual visitors, and act as an advertisement for this site and my English-language services.

    Most of these blog entries will be written in English, though I expect some will turn out to be better expressed in Swedish. (Whether better expressed in my Swedish remains to be seen.)

    Anyway, this blog entry serves notice of my plans, and its heading references an English idiom, “writ large”, which means something “expressed with great magnitude” or “made obvious”. I’m trying to express my plans loud and clear. I hope it’ll help me to remember and keep to them.

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