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This site is under construction.

For the next few weeks most of the News here is likely to be about the services I’m offering through my firm. …

My plan, once I’ve defined and described my services, is to give the blog over to articles, illustrations and podcasts. The focus of the blog will shift to:

  • exploring the English language,
  • investigating the teaching and learning of English,
  • considering the ways in which English, Swedish and other languages impact on working life,
  • scrutinising the use of English in Sweden (and elsewhere in Scandinavia), and
  • examining the tender spots where English and Swedish rub against one another.

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Översättning från svenska till engelska Skyltspråk Mer effektiv affärskommunikation Engelsk berättarröstinspelning
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Swedish to English translation service Sign language More effective business communication Voice over and spoken word recording